About Us

Startup of opening of Design Art Center “Fashion Globus Ukraine” and the largest art shop of Ukrainian designers happened on October 1, 2014, in the core center of Kiev at TEC "Globus". The best design collections from different regions of Ukraine including Crimea and Donbass were collected here. This event symbolizes unity of the country. The process of selection of participants was realized with the help of fashion industry specialists’ recommendations from all regions of the country. Assortment of goods is aimed at expanded target group. Here you can find accessories and jewelries, men’s, women’s and kids’ collections of different styles and price ranges. The aim of the project is a popularization of talented Ukrainian producers and the design art in Ukraine; and confrontation to stereotype “fashion is only for chosen ones”.

This socio-cultural project was organized by Golda Vinogradska, Vice-president of the confederation of designers and stylists in Ukraine. She has been dreaming and realizing cultural-economic strategy development of the design art in Ukraine.

Cultural context of the project has appeared due to the fact that the designers from all regions of the country have joined this project. It gave an opportunity to collect and learn the map of national specifics of clothes. This project has obtained Touristic context. So that it became a part of tourism consortium to be visited by tourists. Cooperation with touristic operators provides a wide range of services like purchasing of colourful goods and souvenirs, organizing of handmade workshops and lectures about the history of costume, organizing of customized cultural meetings with fashion shows and introduction for tourists in foreign languages.

But the most interesting characteristic of the project is its evolutionism where the focus of interest is spread constantly. From the begging of the project it was just cooperation between designers and producers; collaboration with textile institutes about training of specialists according of today’s needs of employment market.

A deeper analysis of light Industry problematics reveals a huge non-used potential of business association. The idea of creation of efficient trade association of Industrialists has appeared. The members of this association will get positive help in different questions, like search for new outlets and new suppliers of materials/components, protection from unfair competition, different knowledge for designers and producers about opportunity to grow.

Joint participation in specialized world exhibitions allow us to demonstrate high level of designers and producers and to show to world fashion industry that Ukraine manages to produce goods not only on a give-and-take basis, but offer and develop high-grade approaches in design, engineering design and technological solutions.

All these thoughts and ideas, large quantity of admiration and solid experience has led to reformation of the project: from national design project Fashion Globus Ukraine to national sectoral partnership in the textile industry of FGU Ukraine.