Everything started on October 1, 2014, when the Center of design art, i.e. the biggest shop of Ukrainian designers “Fashion Globus Ukraine” was opened in the heart of Kyiv, in Globus mall.  The best collections of designers from all Ukrainian regions, including Crimea and Donbas, were selected for the project symbolizing the unity of the country.  Selection of participants based on the recommendations of experts in the fashion sphere in all regions of the country. The shop assortment includes accessories and jewelries, women’s, men’s and children’s collections in different styles and price categories. The main thing is the popularization of talented Ukrainian manufacturers and designer art in Ukraine and confrontation to stereotypes “fashion for elite”.

Such a social and cultural project was initiated by designer, Vice-president of the Confederation of designers and stylists of Ukraine Golda Vinogradska who was dreaming and implementing the cultural and economic strategy of the designer art development in Ukraine.

​The cultural scope of the project manifested owing to the fact that the project has gathered designers from all regions of the country in one gallery, it has become possible to make up and study the map of mental peculiarities of clothes. It predetermined the touristic scope of the project that entered the touristic consorcium as an object recommended for tourist visiting: purchasing of racy things and souvenirs, hand made master classes, lectures on the costume history by regions, conduction of ordered cultural events with shows and informative explanations by regions for tourists in foreign languages.

​Project “Fashion designers for hoteliers” was implemented jointly with the hotel network Premier Hotels and Resorts within which the unique souvenir product line was created.

People’s and cultural diplomacy relations have started to establish via cultural exchange projects between delegations of masters from different countries.  New collection “The most favourite” or “Excursion around Ukraine on the podium” was created. It showed Ukraine through the culture of clothes. That collection about 12 regions of Ukraine was demonstrated in very interesting cities: in the passenger terminal of Boryspil Airport, in New-York within SS 2016 fashion week, on the roof of the multistoried center in Kharkiv, in the “Gardens of Victory” in Odessa, aboard a ship in Dnieper, on the flight field among airplanes of Kyiv Airport, on the stage of the festival of thousands in Toronto (Canada), at the ethno festival in Tunisia.

 Creation of the well-deserved image project attracts attention of the global society to the huge cultural potential of Ukraine through joint shows in European countries and participation in numerous social projects. From the very beginning, one of the project priorities was charity: 10% of the turnover was spent for the Ukrainian army needs.

 But the most important thing in the project is its evolutional nature - the range of interests is being spirally increased: at first, it was a pure cooperation with designers, then with manufacturers, work with sewing specialized schools of the country within the context of the staff training regarding the needs of the contemporary employers’ market. Going deeper into the problematics of the textile, clothing and footwear industry, the underused potential of the business association becomes noticeable.   There was a desire to create not a formal, but a capable branch association of industrialists, in which members would receive specific assistance - in finding new sales markets and new suppliers of raw materials/components, protection against unfair competition, various knowledge for designers and producers regarding development opportunities. Ukraine is able not only to sew orders on a give-and-take basis but also to offer dignified designer, structural and technological solutions.

That is why all thoughts and plans, a great deal of followers and rich experience have resulted in the project reformation: from the national designer project Fashion Globus Ukraine to the National branch partnership in the textile, clothing and footwear industry of Ukraine “FGU”.

During 3.5 years of existence, we have attracted partners in such countries as the USA, Canada, Qatar, Indonesia, Germany, United Kingdom, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Slovakia, and Israel. We are members of the Council of exporters and investors by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, are founders and cooperate with clusters of the textile, clothing and footwear industry in Ukrainian regions.

Many events, meetings, designer shows, master classes, lectures were carried out during this time on Fashion Gloibus Ukraine platform.


Our hearty thanks for trust to our organization and implementation of your designer and professional-manufacturing talents!